Sunday, July 11, 2010

Euclase and Monkeys

The trip to Brazil is going well. I have been finding really good specimens and gems. I have a gorgeous Euclase crystal and some faceted stones of great size.  An Alexandrite on matrix that although not complete, is huge and lights up when backlit. I will photograph that very soon. Also some great inclusions in Quartz and some really great Tourmalines from Escondido Mine. I am trying to make a little studio setting but I still need the lighting. This coming week we are going to Bahia. We went to my parents house outside Belo Horizonte and there are so many monkeys around. They usually come in the morning and make a lot of noise. Once you bring a banana out, they crowd the trees around you. They are scared in the begining but end up going for it. The name in english is Black-tufted Marmoset (Callithrix penicillata) Here we call them Mico Estrela. Estrela means star. They have a little white spot in their foreheads that sometimes look like a little star.
So here is a video of them:

I had to crop part of it to be able to upload to flickr